7. November 2016 | Von Karolin und Kathrin  

Australia – Adventures are out there!

Summer has just arrived, but our time in Manly is slowly coming to an end. Christmas decorations are already in stores and the college is in the final round.

Australia – Adventures are out there!

During our time here, we established great friendships from all over the world. The adventures that we shared together will last a lifetime.

As Olivia has already shown you around the ICMS campus, Manly and Sydney in her blog post, we wanted to give you some more inspiration on what to do while you are spending your time here 🙂

The first adventure we did was going to Surf Camp at Seven Miles Beach. Learning how to surf was definitely one thing on our bucket lists that we didn’t want to miss during our time here, so we decided to book a weekend trip with Surf Camp Australia …and we enjoyed every single moment of it. The beach is just beautiful, the housing is like you would imagine an Australian camp with small colorful hubs and the surf instructors are all very nice and helpful.

Tip: Watch out for ICMS discounts on Surf Camp Australia, they really save you a lot of money!

Next up was our short trip to Melbourne. It’s only a two hour flight from Sydney airport but it takes you into a completely different lifestyle. While Sydney is quite neat and tidy, Melbourne represents a much more urban culture. The architecture of the whole city is very unique and graffitis and street artists are just everywhere.

Hotspots were definitely Fitzroy with its stylish restaurants and shops, the Eureka Skydeck, where you get an amazing view over Melbourne and the Queen Victoria Markets. However, the absolute highlight marks the Great Ocean Road Tour which we’ve booked with GoWest. It is a one day bus trip that takes you to the most beautiful beaches along the Great Ocean Road  and finishes of with a stop at the truly impressive twelve apostles. This view is just stunning and leaves you speechless for a few moments!

Our last adventure so far was visiting Airlie Beach. Firstly, we went snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef. This was such a fascinating experience with all the beautiful corals and colorful fish. The boat tour to the Reef itself was amazing, too. Seeing Hamilton Island and the Whitsunday Islands, which are well-known as beaches with the whitest sand in the world, was incredible.

In addition to this wonderful experience, we went SKYDIVING …could you imagine to jump out of a helicopter with an altitude of 14,000ft? The view was outstanding …directly over the clear blue waters and white sands. And for sure, we’ll repeat this!

Coming back to Manly, the weather is fantastic as we have summer now. Only a week ago, it was still cold and rainy which made it sometimes a bit difficult to not think about home.

At the weekend, we relax at the beach or enjoy a barbecue while watching the sunset at Shelly Beach. And we are proud to say that after two months in Australia, we went swimming in the sea. Before this week you could not even think about getting into the water. Well, the Australians do, they are pretty tough and sportive compared to all other nations that we have met before.

Apart from all the adventures and chilling on the beach, we still have to do a lot of study. The system in Australia is different compared to Germany, which makes it sometimes a bit difficult to keep up with due dates. We have to hand in several assignments during the week and have to prepare for group presentations as well.

The topics are not too heavy, but it is not easy to structure all the assessments at the same time. Sometimes we have to submit three in a week. So it depends on your work attitude, how much time you are able to spend at the beach.

All in all, Australia has been a great experience so far and we are looking forward to all the adventures that are still ahead of us. 🙂

Karolin Berg & Kathrin Kellerer

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