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Au Revoir Paris

And now it’s over. My semester abroad, which I had to wait two semesters longer for due to Covid-19, is over and a new chapter in my studies will begin. For my last post I will talk about how I spent my second half of the semester as well want to give tips that I learned or wished someone had told me before. You can find the list at the end of this post :]

Au Revoir Paris

After the christmas and winter break, we continued directly with school starting the second and for us last term of this semester. However, with two new modules, one of them compulsory and the other rather voluntary. The compulsory module, Fashion Management Project, was a supplementary module to Business Planning, for which we ultimately had to submit and present a group presentation. Here we worked in the previous groups from the last term and carried out a brand analysis for Bottega Veneta as an example brand in order to then develop a new business model with the topic of sustainability in mind.

Fashion Management Project

For this supplementary course to Business Planning we had to work on our own again but we had to use the results of the group work. This sometimes caused us a bit of concern but in the end everything worked out, at least I hope so. For this individual work we had to plan a capsule collection on the basis of the new business model. Topics like design management, production management and supply chain management were discussed. Those of us who were interested in this could also record their ideas and inspirations in their own designs. Those who had less interest in making their own designs were allowed to search for pictures of other pieces of clothing and adapt them to their ideas with a small text or extra pictures. In addition, there were also tasks such as the creations of color boards, fabric & supplier research or planning of distribution paths, which had to be explained in small texts. On the whole, it was certainly a great task, because it definitely had the management part in it, but also demanded a part of creativity, which was a change. In the end, this was then to be submitted as an individual report.

Interdisciplinary Project

For the voluntary module, Marangoni came up with a project in which they put us together with the second year design students. Following their syllabus, the design students had the task of designing a capsule collection in a fictional cooperation with a brand and an artist. But since they are only design students, they lack some knowledge and skills of communication and marketing. That’s where we were supposed to help them. So the task was to plan a launch for the capsule collection, choose a venue, create a schedule and briefly explain the digital presence throughout the whole period. Actually it was a relatively cool idea from Marangoni and an exciting task, especially because we were able to get in contact with other students besides the Macromedia ones. However, the task wasn’t graded or credited in any way and counted as a just for fun task. This made many of us not do the task, because as I said, it was voluntary and i’m not going to lie, the graded assignment we had to work out was a lot of work and very time consuming. Nevertheless, I can say that I had fun exchanging ideas with the design students and creating something based on their collection, a task that we hadn’t done before.


And otherwise, that was it with the semester abroad and the uni life in Paris. There was no kind of farewell party or anything like that. Maybe I’m the only one who would have thought that there would be at least a small farewell organised. But well, a big group of us went out that night and we celebrated our own small farewell, that was enjoyable too ^_^.

Paris Fashion Week

The Paris Fashion Week at the end of February, beginning of March was regrettably not as exciting as the one in September. Unfortunately we didn’t get any invitations from the university despite some promises, which was a pity. Despite that, I went to different show locations again to either see the invited celebrities or make contacts with photographers or models. The Dior show was again the most exciting, but also the Givenchy, Loewe, and Valentino show were amazing, because I could see some of my favorite idols or even take a glimpse of the show or models. We even tried to get into the Germanier show without an invitation, just asking if there were any seats left, and that almost worked. However, there was no standing at this show and in the end all the guests showed up, even if as usual sometimes with a 30 minute delay. At least, we could still see the show from the outside through the windows. Besides some shows I could also visit two showrooms, one from an alumni student of Marangoni and one which was from Dressx a brand which makes virtual and digital clothing, definitely also super interesting.

At the end of my stay I still had 10 days of vacation left because my rent went until the end of March anyway, so I could use the time to do and see the things I enjoyed again or check things off my bucket list that I haven’t done yet. A friend also visited me in the last days and I could be 100% tourist with her, which was definitely a lovely farewell for me seeing everything again one last time before I moved back to Germany.

To wrap things up, for my semester abroad I can say that I for sure had a pleasant time and besides the (very expensive) big city life in Paris I learned a lot in school and took a lot with me. Sad to say, my french didn’t really improve because if I’m honest, I liked the language less from week to week. But this is just a personal matter ^^.

Lastly for this post as well as my two previous ones I would like to sum up everything in a list. My noteworthy tips from beginning to end, all the important information if you decide to go to Paris and Istituto Marangoni and a small checklist of places and things you should definitely see and do. Otherwise I hope that my blog posts could help you to make the decision where you will spend your semester abroad at least a little bit easier.

All you need to know

The planning and beginning

  • Make accounts on sites like Housinganywhere, Studapart or WG-Gesucht, and start early enough to deal with the housing situation
  • Partly furnished or fully equipped rooms/apartments are of course better for this short period of time, but there are two IKEA city as well as other stores where you can find everything you need for a kitchen, bathroom and so on
  • If you have the possibility, buy drugstore products or special food in Germany and bring it with you, because it will probably be less expensive
  • If not everything fits into your suitcase(s) you can also send packages. This works for example via GLS for sometimes less than 20€ even if the package is a bit heavier
  • The journey with Deutsche Bahn can be very stressful because of delays or train cancellations. So if you are traveling alone or you have to arrive at a certain time, I recommend to take a connection where you have to change trains only once or not at all or plan enough time for possible delays and missed trains
  • You don’t necessarily need a french bank account if you don’t want to work but I do suggest getting a health insurance and housing insurance for the time you are abroad
  • You need to pay a fee for student life of 95€ that all students in France have to pay (the student service of Marangoni is addressing this as soon as you start your semester there)
  • And don’t worry about your schedule or any events regarding the start of the semester. They will send you everything in time either to your Macromedia mail adress or if you already received it to your Marangoni mail. And if you have any questions left the student service is always coming back to you very shortly

During the semester and time in Paris

  • Are you a coffee or hot chocolate and tea drinker? Then it is definitely worth getting the monthly subscription from Prêt a Manger. For this you can get up to 5 hot/cold drinks a day for only 25€ a month (and there’re two of them less than 5 mins away from the school)
  • If you have an Aldi or Lidl near you, you can also do your weekly shopping there. Carrefour, Franprix or Monoprix are a bit more expensive compared to German prices and if you sometimes live on a budget, Lidl and Aldi are definitely good alternatives
  • Also the app Too Good To Go is full of really great offers in Paris. Whether from Starbucks, boulangeries, restaurants or even hotels you can get a lot of things for partly 4€ to 5€, for food that is usually worth three or four times the price (unfortunately you can’t choose beforehand what you want to have. So if you eat vegetarian or vegan it might be a bit more difficult, because actually Paris is not as diverse as it is in many German cities)
  • If you like sushi and you don’t need it always super elegant and luxurious then Okito is the best place to go. There are several restaurants and you can order your all you can eat sushi from a tablet for just 23,50€ (also in most restaurants bottles of tap water are always free)
  • If your home is a bit further away from the school or you don’t like to walk and prefer to drive then the monthly ticket for 85€ which is valid for all public transport in zones 1 to 5 is the best option. Otherwise you can also reach a lot by foot or you can get an individual ticket for each route which costs 2,10€
  • If you decide not to walk it is definitely nicer to take the bus compared to the metro. Most of the time the buses are less crowded and you get a little extra city tour
  • And if that’s not your thing, you can also order an Uber (or similar via Freenow or Bolt) without problems and long waits. It does always cost a bit more but it’s surely the most relaxed solution except in rush hour traffic
  • During Fashion Week look up the locations, especially from smaller brands, and confidently say that you are a student from a fashion school and ask if there is any place left so you can join. It might work ^^ (of course you need to dress up to fit the vibe of the brand(s))

Things on my bucket list that you should do as well

  • La Galerie DIOR (8€ reduced entrance fee)
  • Musée des Arts et Décoratifs (free entrance if you are European under 26)
  • Centre Pompidou and roof terrace with view over Paris (free entrance if you are European under 26 years)
  • Observation deck of l’Arc de Triomphe (free entrance if you are European under 26 years; less crowded than Galeries Lafayette)
  • Crêpes at Rue Mouffetard (definitely my favorite place for crêpes and galettes for sometimes only 2€)
  • Sunset at Montmartre and Sacre Coeur
  • Walks along the Seine, especially between the Eiffel tower and Pont des Arts (even nicer when it’s already dark and it becomes a late night walk)
  • Concerts and events if your favourite Artists are playing

(all prices mentioned are as of March 2023)

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